Contact Information

P. O.Box AD 987
Adabraka,Accra, Ghana

mobile: +233 24 3828748,
+233 24 4576301
+233 24 4812101
+233 24 4060657

Regolith and Geochemistry Services

  • Regolith, landform and land system map generation (i.e. interpreting landsat, magnetic data, radiometrics, dem, spot, qb, wv2 imagery, etc.)
  • Executing stream sampling (or BLEGing), soil sampling, trenching and augering
  • Geochemical reviews
  • Facilitating, sourcing and purchasing of remote sensing data including recommendations on costing
  • Processing and interpreting remote sensing data
  • Generating stream sample and geology unit sample catchments analysis
  • Producing digital maps for flexible data incorporation with other datasets
  • Digital handheld data capture and mapping
  • Digital Elevation Model(DEM) generation and Interpretation
  • Contour generation
  • Terrain, Topographic and Watershed analysis
  • Regolith mapping and remote sensing application workshops and training
  • Drainage contamination analysis
  • Vegetation depletion analysis and Crop monitoring
  • Land use and degradation monitoring
  • Cultural feature mapping (e.g. urban, artisanal, drainage, etc.)